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Keep Fit With LethalB, JME and Tempa T – Rari Workout

There’ a new craze in town.

The Rari  Workout – keep fit while cruisin in your ride.

Brixton Fall 2014 Video Lookbook – Everythinghiphop

Brixton Fall 2014 Video Lookbook – Everythinghiphop

Shop Brixton Fall 2014 – redefined American classics.

V Festival – Can’t get there ? No worries V Festival is coming to you !!

V Festival – Can’t get there ? No worries V Festival is coming to you !!

Can’t make it Vfestival this weekend ?

No worries Virgin Media has got your back covered.

For the first time in history Virgin Media will be streaming V Festival live into your living room.

Watch it on your pc, tablet or phone – at 8pm tomorrow night,Sunday (August 17) from ,  V Festival will be coming to a screen near you live.

No tickets to buy, no standing up, no chance of rain, no one standing on your toes.

Join in from the comfort of your sofa

Watch a sound clash featuring Rudimental and Hospital Records All Stars: London Elektricity, Danny Byrd, Fred V & Grafix and Dynamite MC.

Hosted by Mista Jam and filmed on 7 different camera’s it gonna be a hot one.



#vfestival  #rudimental #hospitalrecords  #virginmedia #festival #mistajam

#Vfestival #BringTheVibe #Vhylands #festival

Mishka Summer 14 Video Lookbook –

Mishka Summer 14 Video Lookbook –

Mishka Summer 2014

Summer is finally here.  And Mishka have delivered once again. We have the Oversized Adder tee, a staple classic from Mishka, only this time they have spiced up the colours, Rasta Gradient! is the order of the day.  As you know festival season is upon us now, so why not enjoy it by sporting the new keepwatch tank top, which is available in black or white.  We also have a sick selection of Snapbacks, 5 Panels and Bucket hats to keep you looking, and feeling cool while your flexing your biceps or busting a two step where ever you may be.

Mishka Black Angel of Death T-Shirt Black


Mishka Crypt Keeper 5 Panel Hat Black

Below are just a few of the new styles we have in store from Mishka, if you would like to see more Watch Mishka Summer 14 Video Lookbook Now!!!!! or your welcome to come visit us @ 31 D’arblay Street london W1F 8ES, or view our extended collection @

Featured Products:

Mishka Black Angel of Death T-Shirt Black – £29.99

Mishka Black Angel of Death Snapback Cap Black – £29.99

Mishka Oversized Rasta Adder T-Shirt Black – £29.99

Mishka Snake Bite Boa Tank Top Vest Red – £54.99

Mishka Keep Watch Tank Top Vest Black – £49.99

Mishka Boomers 5 Panel Hat Black – £34.99

Mishka Cycotropic 5 Panel Hat Red – £34.99

Mishka Crypt Keeper 5 Panel Hat Black – £34.99

















LINK Royal Flush 360PR Music TV [Explicit]: Various artists: MP3 Downloads

Diamond Supply Co. Spring 14 Lookbook |

Diamond Supply Co. Spring 14 Lookbook |

Diamond Supply Co Spring 14 collection offers a little something for everyone.  You can view some of the styles we have picked out below, or click the link to view the our video lookbook.


For more Diamond Supply Products visit




OG Sign T-Shirt


Brilliant T-Shirt


 Diamond Life Flag T-Shirt Black


Diamond Life Flag T-Shirt Royal


Fake T-Shirt


Icon T-Shirt


Neon T-Shirt



OG Script Snapback


Rock Logo Snapback


Un-Polo Snapback

Diamond Supply Co. Lookbook Video Ben Baller, Paris City, & OG Script 2013

Diamond Supply Co. Lookbook Video Ben Baller, Paris City, & OG Script 2013

Ben Baller

Picture: – ben-baller

Diamond Supply Co. Have collaborated with Ben Baller, Jeweller to the stars for this tight little capsule range.  The range was first released in the US, but is now available here in the UK, Ben Baller Un-polo Collection  features the classic Un-Polo Logo filled with diamonds, Red and green colour ways have yellow diamonds where as the black colour way has white diamonds.  Each piece has the BB signature detail for authentication.

At high school Ben played a bit of basketball, this is where he gets his nickname from. He is also a well recognised DJ and has worked in the music industry as a record executive with many platinum album credits to his name.

Next up we have the OG Script collection, clean and classic with strong colour ways, what can I say this is simplicity at its best, so if you like your clothing subtle but striking this may be the range for you.

The Diamond Paris City collection has a European feel about it plush, sophisticated and intelligent. This Collection see’s the Eiffel Tower graphic featured prominently  across the whole range.  France has always been known for their fine fashion and high class cuisine, so its no surprise that Diamond Supply Co. would use the Eiffel Tower as a design concept.  Im sure you will like what they have come up with, please take a few moments to view the pics below, Watch The Video Lookbook or visit Everythinghiphop for more styles from Diamond Supply Co.


Ben Baller


OG Script

og-script-tee-purple og-script-hood-red og-script-hood-grey og-script-hood-black DIAMOND-OG-SCRIPT-TEE-IN-NA


Paris City


Watch the Diamond Supply Co. Video Lookbook

Visit New Arrivals

Royal Flush Dvd – Walker – Sexy

Royal Flush Dvd – Walker – Sexy

Walker is a pop/soul singer with an ear for a great tune. Taking her influences from songs like PYT (Michael Jackson) as well as retro 90′s tracks, she is able to play with the fun sounds and catchy hooks they had in the clubs back in the day.

Her debut’ release “Sexy”, produced by Darren ‘Ghost’ Monson has a very cool 80s/90s feel. The music video is currently in post production and due to be released courtesy of Royal Flush DVD, Oct 2013. Her second song “Play My Jam”, also produced by Darren ‘Ghost’ Monson is an all out retro sounding club banger. The video is due for release Nov 2013. Walkers debut’ recordings set the stage for an upbeat, soulful and retro sound that is made for the dance floor.

Royal Flush Dvd feat Kiki Minaj out now
Diamond Supply Co 2013 Lookbook Video –

Diamond Supply Co 2013 Lookbook Video –

Diamond Supply Co. Established in 1998 in San Francisco.  Nick Tershay holds the reigns  of Diamond Supply Co tightly, steering it through 15 years of brilliance, he has developed from a skate hardware brand to a full blown international initiative supported by the likes of Rick Ross, Rob Dyrdek, Jada Kiss, Styles P and more.  There is not to many company’s that can boast a decade and a half up in this business, so its no surprise to see they have released some really cool colour ways for the 15 years of brilliance t shirt featured below in our video lookbook.

Other big styles from Diamond this year are the Paris sweat and t shirt, the New York Yacht Club t shirt, Diamond Everything sweat, 4Life t shirt, Camo Unpolo Sweat, OG Palms Tee & hoodie the list goes on.  But if you want to see more from Diamond Supply Co, check the video and pics we have provided below.

Shop Diamond Supply Now

Watch The Diamond Supply Co 2013 Lookbook Video

15 Years Of Brilliance T Black

15 Years Of Brilliance T kelly

Diamond Life NYC T-Shirt Black

Diamond Supply Co t shirts

Diamond Supply co

Diamond Supply for life hood red

Everything Crew Black burgundy

paris beani diamond blue

Paris sweatshirt black

Paris T-shirt Navy

Unpolo Rain Camo sweatshirt Burgundy

Unpolo Rain Camo T-shirt - Black

Shop Diamond Supply Now

Jilted Royalty Lookbook 2013 –

Jilted Royalty Lookbook 2013 –

Jilted Royalty is a Premium British Cut and Sew Brand born in the streets of Birmingham.  Jay Read, the Owner, Designer and Brand Manager gets his inspiration from daily experiences he’s had throughout his life.  In the early days he would get his nan to help him sew up some of his creations which were in heavy demand from friends and friends of friends.  Jilted is a family business, which came about while being inspired by a close friend, he met this friend after serving his last prison sentence.   There is a message behind the Jilted Royalty Brand, and that is,  ….You are whatever you make yourself to be, THE WORLD IS YOURS!

Check out the Start Wars & Public Envy Me Capsule ranges below and remember,  Jilted Royalty is not just a clothing brand …. It’s a way of life!

JILTED = Cast aside without warning
ROYALTY = Power, Status + Authority

Watch Jilted Royalty Lookbook 2013

Shop Jilted Royalty Now

Jilted Royalty Start Wars 2013 Crewneck Black

Jilted Royalty Start Wars 2013 Snapback Cap Black

Jilted Royalty Public Envy Hoodie Black

Jilted Royalty Public Envy Snapback Cap Black

Jilted Royalty Start Wars 2013 Pocket T-shirt Black

Jilted Royalty Public Envy T-shirt Black

Jilted Royalty Start Wars 2013 Snapback Cap Black

Jilted Royalty Public Envy Crewneck Black

Shop Jilted Royalty Now

Crooks & Castles Fall 2013 Lookbook Video |

Crooks & Castles Fall 2013 Lookbook Video |

Crooks & Castles have always been bringing the heat for as far back as I can remember.  Repeatedly packing innovative and banging styles into highly sought after capsule ranges.  The Cocaine & Caviar capsule ranges spring to mind, Wow that stuff is addictive.  We also had the Mayan capsule, Medusa, Primo, Core, Ornate, Regalia, Wavy, Duffle bag boy, so many to mention.

Below is a selection of styles that have been killing the streets over the last few months and stocked by us

The Currency Core T-shirt and snapback, Cocaine and caviar Hoodie & Sweatshirt, Akuma jacket, Primo snapback, Timepiece T shirt & Bandana T shirt are all solid styles, and certain to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd when your shaking a leg or two down at Fabric or Cargo!

Shop Crooks & Castles Now

Watch Crooks & Castles Fall 2013 Video Lookbook

Crooks & Castle Currency Core T shirt & snapback

Crooks& Castles Cocaine & Caviar Hoodie Navy

Crooks & Castles Heavy Steel Hoodie Black Speckle

Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar sweatshirt black red

Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar t shirt & akuma jacket

Crooks & Castles Primo fitted cap

Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar T shirt white

Crooks & Castles NCL hoodie

Crooks & Castles Timepiece T shirt

Crooks & Castles Timepiece t shirt

Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar t shirt burgundy

Crooks & Castles bandana t shirt black and white

Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar snapback

Crooks & Castles american nightmare hoodie black

Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar sweatshirt heather grey red

Crooks & Castles hunting pussy hoodie black red

Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar sweatshirt and snapback black

Crooks & Castles Cocaine & Caviar sweatshirt and snapback black

WeSC Fall 2013 Lookbook Video –

WeSC Fall 2013 Lookbook Video –

We Are the Superlative Conspiracy have come up trumps with their versions of the Parka Coat, The Elder parka coat is a fine product, very functional, and warm.  The Bength is very similar in construction but a bit more clean cut, all in all these two parka’s are going to keep a lot of people warm this winter.

We also have the all black Warren and Soran tops, all black is big right now so these two styles are bang on trend!

For shirts we have selected the Abdon Flannel in white and the Dallas Denim shirt these two shirts have a great fitted cut and go perfect with a pair of jeans or chinos.

Finally to top it all off we have the WeSC Pancho beanie in 5 colours to keep your brains from ceasing up!

Watch WeSC Fall 2013 Lookbook Video Now

Shop WeSC Now


WeSC Soran sweat shirt, niter shirt, and elder parka jacket

WeSC elder parker brown

WeSC elder parker brown

WeSC elder parker brown

WeSC warren top blue

WeSC warren top black

WeSC abdon shirt whjite

WeSC pancho beanie black, snorkel blue, burgundy, midnight blue, forest green.

Mishka Lookbook Fall 2013 Video –

Mishka Lookbook Fall 2013 Video –

Mishka Fall 2013 kicks off with the Vintage Keep Watch hoodie.  This hood is well made, fits snugly, its practical and warm, great for these coming winter nights.  Mishka also have a great range of beanies, incorporating classic styles like Keep Watch, Death Adder, and Scout.  I must say the scout beanie in black peaked my interest.  Then we have the Death Adders pom beanie hat and t shirt what a great combination, thats what I like about Mishka, they do great combos just like your local chicken shop!!!!

For more Mishka clothing check out

Mishka Video Lookbook Fall 2013

Mishka intage varsity hoodie, death adder beanie, keep watch safari beani,

Mishka Safari beani

Oversized death adder t shirt and pom beani

Mishka Death adders rumble fleece

Mishka Oversized Death adders t shirt white burgundy

Mishka munchies pullover hooded top black

Mishka keep watch t shirt burgundy

Mishka Vermilyea keep watch men's t-shirt white

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Dickies 2013 Fall Winter Lookbook Video |

Dickies 2013 Fall Winter Lookbook Video |

Dickies Workwear Company have realised that their clothing is becoming more and more sought after within the Urban or Streetwear market place.  Hip Hop, and skate are a few of the many genres it has broken into over the years.

I believe this could be partly because of their high quality products.  Dickies can be found in many of the cool Street Wear stores, in and around London town.  Check here for your nearest Shop, but before you do Here are a few styles from Dickies Autumn Winter collection, that we @ Dark N’ Cold have in store now.

One of my favourites is the Laporte Men’s button up jacket, the fit is great, actually it is one of the best on the market that I have tried to date.  Its high quality Sheep Nappa arms make it stand out from the rest in its category.  I also think that the sacramento shirt is a very decent buy.  Its available in red, navy and duck brown.  Below is a few choice pics of the products we have in store.  And check the Video Lookbook of these products just click the link below to view.

Dickies  2013 Autumn/Winter Video Lookbook

Dickies Dallas Denim Shirt rinsed

Dickies Sacramento shirt royal blue

Dickies Sacramento shirt red, alaska beani, 874

Dickies Vintage C Sweatshirt Dark Navy

Dickies Sacramento shirt red

Dickies laporte jacket

Dickies Dallas Denim Shirt rinsed

Dickies laporte jacket

Dickies laporte jacket black

Dickies Dallas Denim Shirt rinsed and Dickies Michigan men's regular fit jean selvedge

 Shop Dickies Now

Rebel8 Lookbook Fall 2013 –

Rebel8 Lookbook Fall 2013 –

Rebel8 LookBook Fall 2013 –

Here’s a few pic’s from Everythinghiphop’s Rebel8 Fall 2013 deliveries, if you like what you see then come visit us in store @

31 D’arblay street Soho W1F 8ES or check out for more brands.

Watch The Rebel8 Fall 2013 Video Lookbook

REBEL8 ghetto pass mens t shirt black

REBEL8 Root of all evil mens t shirt black red

REBEL8 Root of all evil mens sweatshirt black

REBEL8 LOGO mens t shirt maroon

REBEL8 Root of all evil pullover hood top black & REBEL8 LOGO Adjustable Cap Tan

REBEL8 In us we trust beanie hat maroon
REBEL8 Root of all evil mens t shirt black

REBEL8 Route of all evil mens t shirt red

REBEL8 Raising hell zip hood gun metal

REBEL8 RECOGNIZE Men's T-shirt Black

REBEL8 Raising hell zip hood navy

Royal Flush Dvd : Hi Breed Mean Feat Kiki Minaj

Royal Flush Dvd : Hi Breed Mean Feat Kiki Minaj

Royal Flush Dvd feat Kiki Minaj out now

Former Team GB star Iain ‘The Blessed One’ Weaver is proving to be one of
the most sensational and talented young boxers to emerge on the domestic
scene in recent times.

After failing to get selected for the London 2012 Olympics, after his
weight division was dropped due to the inclusion of female boxing for the
first time, young Iain made the decision to turn pro.

In his first fight, against Lawncizak, at the Acourtier Events promoted
Thunder and Lightning event in April, Iain put on a stunning display of
boxing, on way to a shutout 40-36 points victory.

After the fight Iain travelled to America to train at the famous Wild Card
Gym in LA.

Whilst there Iain managed to even get a fight, against French Polynesian
rising prospect Karihi Tehei , who held a 3-1, with 2 KO record. Iain made
short work of Tehei, knocking him out after just two minute thirty three
seconds of the first round.

Earlier this month Iain returned to York Hall to face unbeaten Italian
Michelino Di Mari, on the Acourtier Events promoted ‘Night of Champions’

As in his previous outing in the Capital young Iain put on one of the most
sensational performances ever witnessed at London’s home of boxing.

In his last outing, at La Farga, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Cataluña,
Spain, Iain utterly destroyed Spain based Moroccan Hassan Elyatouti,
stopping the Moroccan #1 in just two minutes of the first round.

With four sensational wins already under his belt it is clear that it is
only a matter of time before Iain joins fellow stable mate, WBO and WBA
Super Featherweight World Champion Guillermo Rigondeaux on the
Championship trail.

His first tentative step towards Championship contention will come next
month, when Iain once again returns to York Hall, where he will take part
at the Acourtier Events promoted ‘War Zone’ event on November 30th.

Hi Breed is a rapper and producer based in London, UK.

He is also part of the music group ‘The Meds Collective’ who have released a debut album ‘Heartbreaks & Remedies’ and have performed their songs in twelve different cities in the UK. They have also released Music Videos for the songs ‘To The Wire’, ‘Tonite’ and ‘Standing Tall’ which can all be watched on YouTube.

Furthermore he has been featured on the track ‘Never Unhappy’ by Chrishawna, and is working with The Gate and Frhetoric on a new mixtape and then album.

His next release is a Music Video for the track ‘Mean’ which was accomplished courtesy of Trad TKO Boxing Gym and Royal Flush DVD, best way to describe the track is in these famous three words……’Girls, Girls, Girls……well, more like one word said three times.

Check out the following for more stories about The Boi: Royal Flush 360PR Music TV [Explicit]: Various artists: MP3 Downloads


Cocaine and Caviar Snapback

Cocaine and Caviar Snapback

Drop it like a Rockstar!  


Shop Crooks & Castles Snapback here:-






Watch WhatsWavy Episode. 1 (Skinnyman @ The London Wave)

#WhatsWavy? got the rare opportunity to bring you the Uk HipHop legend, SKINNYMAN freestyling in his HQ in 2007 to launch off the #WhatsWavy? season.
And of course the intro contains are CoSign from New York rap boss FRENCH MONTANA [Beat by @YAEO]

Check out Crooks & Castles Wavy T-Shirt here




Noah Francis Johnson – Life & Times – Last Ten Collectors Edition.

Noah Francis Johnson – Life & Times – Last Ten Collectors Edition.

Noah Francis Life and times

Buy This Cd Now

This amazing physical copy of Noah Francis Johnson – Life & Times, has all the makings of a classic.

Presented in a lovely packaged slipcase with liner notes for each song which helps to give you a feel for the well travelled life that Noah Francis lives.

This Limited Edition CD is all hand printed and numbered, and to finish it off contained in a beautifully hand printed Box.


Say You Love Me
Life And Times
Ballroom Blues
You’re The One That I Want
Holding On
In My Room
Man In The UFO
Valentines On Fire

Buy This Cd Now

Read Express Review on Noah Francis – By: Stephen Unwin

Visit Noah’s Website 

Noah’s Facebook

Watch Noah Francis Johnson’s – Try (Official Music Video)

Product details
Original Release Date: 7 Jun 2013
Release Date: 7 Jun 2013
Label: Last Ten Ltd
Copyright: 2013 Last Ten Limited Total Length: 54:15
Genres: Folk

Urban Rhythm – The Official HD Trailer – Staring Lateef Lovejoy

Urban Rhythm – The Official HD Trailer – Staring Lateef Lovejoy


An unlikely friendship and an Afrobeat journey.

An urban artist suddenly finds himself in need of a defence lawyer when charged with a petty crime. Sean who works for a private law firm is assigned to the case. With the stakes so high they go on an Afrobeat journey.

Watch Lateef Lovejoy in this Trailer.


Crooks & Castles 2012 Recap

Crooks & Castles 2012 Recap

This video is a must see for all serious Crooks & Castle supporters,

I just watched it myself and loved every minute.

Over the past year they have carved themselves a crater sized hole within the street wear market place.  Consistently providing us with range after range of the threads we all love to wear.  There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning to crack open a fresh Crooks tee!  All thanks to the Crooks & Castle team.

Drama, Controversy, Crazy off the hook collections, Banging Parties, Wall to wall packed Shows, Celebrity Endorsements, and the Dopest Collaborations have been the order of the day.  If you were one of the lucky ones to have been involved, you will know what I mean.

Anyway enough of the chat, feast your eyes on this video.  Crooks & Castles 2012 Recap.  What a year!

‘How Not To Make A Living” from Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik.

‘How Not To Make A Living” from Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik.

This Album comes Factory sealed

Click here For more info or to buy The Physical CD of the album.

The Last Skeptik – “Nukey (Feat. Rewd Adams)

YouTube Preview Image

How Not To Make A Living” from Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik:  Track List

  • 1.Nukey.  01:59
  • 2.Everything’s Ok.  03:38
  • 3.Bring It Back Feat. DJ Mr Thing.  03:47
  • 4.Turn It Up.  04:09
  • 5.So Soulful Feat. Mai Khalil.  04:54
  • 6.Red Letter.  02:11
  • 7.J.O.B0.  3:50
  • 8.Old Shit.  03:10
  • 9.Colours.  03:12
  • 10.Chamber.  01:19
  • 11.No More Feat. Mai Khalil.  04:10
  • 12.Monster Things Feat. Little Dee, Stylah, Ramson Badbonez & Awate.  04:19

Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik – How Not To Make A Living
Released: July 2, 2012
Label: Bread & Butter / Grindstone
Buy:EverythinghiphopiTunes UK / iTunes USBandcamp

Fdot1 – Pardon Me

Fdot1 – Pardon Me

YouTube Preview Image

Fdot1 – Pardon Me or

Returning from his ground breaking trip to New York, where he filmed part of the video for his
forthcoming collaboration track with Hip Hop legend Man Parrish, Fdot1 has gone back into
the studio and back to basics with this one.

After being co-signed by childhood heros Kool Herc, Grandmaster Caz and Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew) in New York Fdot1 has taken Hip Hop full circle and back to its real roots. “Pardon Me..” is the result of months of total immersion in 80s and 90s hip hop classics at Lil’ Rock Studios, and comes with a newly revived passion to bring back the art of lyricism, complex rhyme patterns and just downright dutty beats.

“I just got tired of all the bullshit that’s being pushed out and labelled Hip Hop, whether it be here in the UK or Stateside. Hip Hop ain’t Nicki Minaj or Drake, that’s Hip POP. I’m all about taking it back and honouring the greats that inspired me in MY art. Being in New York, the birthplace of Hip Hop, and meeting real legends like Caz, Herc, Rakim, Legs and Premo made me sit up and say naaah Flo you gotta do something to educate the people about what REAL hip hop is all about.. and bring it with some new flava. Hip Hop is not dead, it’s just been in a coma for a New York minute, but I’m here to wake y’all the fuck up!” Fdot1

And what about the video. well, in true Fdot1 style, it’s not your regular no-budget hood video.. oh no. No council estate, no crew, no hired Maybachs or Bentleys, it’s strictly Man vs Food. Like he says “Hip Hop lives in everything I do”.

“The Hip Hop revival starts right here and now. Are you with me?” Fdot1

Catch Fdot1 performing “Pardon Me” live on 14th September in London with UK Hip Hop legend Naba Napalm… and don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears open for that Man Parrish collaboration joint coming soon to big screen near you.

If you love your true skool Hip Hop listen in to

every Wednesday night from 9pm ’til midnight (UK time)
and catch Flo’s show “Floriginul Cratez”

Previous shows can be heard on and

“Pardon Me” is available for FREE download at:

Fdot1 official video releases:

Official Web Site:

Fdot1 latest album ‘Money MusicK’ is available on iTunes:

Limited Edition CD Pack also available from:

Earlier Fdot1 albums can be downloaded on Bandcamp

To book Fdot1 please contact


S.A.S (Eurogang) Feat Shwain – Want It All

S.A.S (Eurogang) Feat Shwain – Want It All

YouTube Preview ImageShot & Directed by Max Shaw

“Want It All” is the fourth release off Narnia, produced by CyFyre who has worked with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, B.O.B and Wale, and features singer Shwain. The song shows and tells SAS’s ambition and ability to diverse in music.

Runway Boiz x OnSMASH presents S.A.S (@MegaSAS x @MayhemSAS) Narnia EP (Free D/L)

Since receiving thousands of downloads of their last EP Narnia: The Grind, The Trips and The Wardrobe which was hosted by Hot 97 DJ Cipha Sounds, and presented by Onsmash. The EP which had features from the likes of French Montana, Chipmunk and Eurogang received a mass amount of support from fans, media and artists. Throughout the passing months SAS have released promo videos for “Ready”, “Super Mario Bros”, “Suave Life” and now “Want It all”.

Follow S.A.S on Twitter @MegaSAS and @MayhemSAS

Homeboy 1 film & Homeboy 2 trailer

Homeboy 1 film & Homeboy 2 trailer


Watch Homeboy 1 Click here

HOMEBOY Urbangemz Productions Homeboy(2010) is a short urban comedy set in inner city South London. Written & Directed by Gary Lee Haynes the film revolves around the central character Homeboy and his exploits during one day of his life. Living on his own, a hip hop head, and a budding producer with a taste for good weed and girls Homeboy’s door is always knocking. On this particular day Homeboy has to deal with a range of characters. These include, bible bashers, the local wack rapper, his weed man, the feds, the local thug/bully, his girlfriends and his friend blacker, who robs a ladies handbag and decides to hide out at Homeboy’s house. The film is a humourus observation into everyday inner city life. It takes everyday events and characters that most of us are familiar with and puts a comedy spin on it. Homeboy is set in two parts. Part one gives the audience an introduction to the characters, the setting and starts the mishaps and events that will lead and continue into part two..

SYNOPSIS: For HOMEBOY 2 – The next episode

Watch Homeboy 2 The Official Trailer Click here

After Blacka running into his house after committing a street robbery, setting up Specimen with the feds, getting a bible basha high, another terrible studio session with Wack Rappa and his 2 girlfriends meeting for the first time at his house, the sequel to “Homeboy” sees Homeboy dealing with the ramifications of the previous day’s events. “Homeboy 2 (The Next Episode)” continues the exploits and adventures of your everyday Homey on the block. With new characters and situations, will Homeboy ever get any peace to make his beats?

J-Lie & Jim Jones “Get It on the Low” Video

J-Lie & Jim Jones “Get It on the Low” Video

YouTube Preview Image

Get The track CLICK HERE

Rapper J-Lie calls on Dip Set capo Jim Jones for an assist on “Get It on the Low”, a single from his forthcoming mixtape, Ears First, Hearts Next, due later this month. “I am here to get the attention of your ears first and then your heart next,” J-Lie says of the project. “‘Get It on the Low’ is the start of that mission. Everything I have been through prior to get to this point almost doesn’t count. Welcome to my world.” Raised in both L.A. and Atlanta, the South African-South Korean entertainer showcases both his rhyming and crooning talents in the visuals, which take place in various locations from rooftops to clubs. “The city tatted on my chest/ No Vinny but my entourage on Turtle’s neck/ Chokehold, on top, never sittin’ middle/ Two hands on that… no double dribble,” he raps. The former athlete is prepping for an upcoming Brazilian tour and dates in Japan this summer.

Obie Trice Jacks M.O.P, Sadat X, & Caktuz For New Bilal Song?

Obie Trice Jacks M.O.P, Sadat X, & Caktuz For New Bilal Song?

YouTube Preview Image

Recently, Eminem protege`, Obie Trice, bounced back from the wilderness to prepare fans for his upcoming mixtape,The Hangover. On the gritty cut, “Get Rich, Die Trying (GRDT)” featuring soul singer Bilal, Obie vows to do anything necessary to make it on the cold streets of the ‘D’. Although a nice intro into whats to come from Obie’s mixtape, We have to sound the alarm on this one!

This song was previously released 3 years ago featuring M.O.P., Sadat X, and indie rapper Caktuz. The track in question was originally recorded by Bilal and produced by Hi-Tek for 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Dying soundtrack. So, the story goes like this…

Submitted as a demo from Bilal & Hi-Tek for placement on the Get Rich Or Dying soundtrack, 50 decided to use only G-Unt artists to fill the projects line-up. Caktuz, a radio host for defunct lifestyle brand WheatBread, approached Bilal about a track for the Bread Breaks Vol. 2 Mixtape. Caktuz recruited Sadat X to join him on the original version entitled; “So Cold”

After the mixtape dropped, Bilal & Caktuz were alarmed to hear an M.O.P. version that leaked to radio called “Get Rich”. One time signees to G-Unit Records, M.O.P., were slated to use the track for their album before the Brownsville legends were dropped from the label. Sources close to the Caktuz camp say tensions between the parties involved began to flare up to a breaking point until Caktuz reached out to friend, Billy Danze of M.O.P., to enquire into the confusion.

To squash any potential beef, Caktuz, M.O.P., & Bilal agreed to smash both versions together in one mix and release it as a digital download to fans. last year Caktuz re-released “Get Rich” as a part of his #OverTheWallWeds. free download campaign. Did Obie Trice striaght jack Caktuz for this track?

Mystro – That There (HooD Vid)

Mystro – That There (HooD Vid)

YouTube Preview Image

Filmed, directed & Edited by MysDiggi & Marvin of Wasteman Productions

Produced by Twisted Roots & taken from the ‘What type of drug is MYSTROGEN? EP’


May 5th LIVE w/ ROTC @ Urban Funk Carnival in The New Empowering Church 1a Westgate Street, London, E8 3RL

May 15th Hosting @ Flava Of The Month SLAUGHTERHOUSE LIVE in The HMV Forum Kentish Town, London,

May 16th LIVE @ Outspoken in Proud Galleries Camden, Stables Market, London NW1 8AH



“…definitely one to keep your eye on.” – Guardian

“…the next great hope for empowered female pop in the UK.” – Neon Gold

“The best kind of pop” – The 405

Song of the Day – i-D



2012 better be ready. YADi isn’t like other pop musicians. Poised, petite and powerful, she exploded onto the blogsphere last year with ‘Sahara Heart’, a love song set upon the knife-edge of defiance and defeat. It garnered support across the board and quickly became i-D’s ‘Track of the Day’. It’s included on her debut EP ‘Guillotine’ which is released on 14th May.

At just 24, she is a beautiful bundle of contradictions, the product of a genetic cocktail that mixes Algerian on her father’s side with Norwegian and Italian on her mother’s. For YADi – born in South London – her music is an aural kaleidoscope of influences, one that mixes the music of her heritage with the pop of the future, creating a forward-thinking sound that sets her apart from the crowd.

In the live arena, YADi stalks the stage with a slinky prowess – a feline with the roar of a tiger and a revolutionary zeal. Joining her on stage are Chris Hutchings and Max Taylor, both of whom she met on the thriving London music scene and who cut their teeth in Tom Vek’s band. Her performances, which resonate with a volcanic pulse, a cathartic outpouring of emotion and passion as if her very existence was dependent upon it, have won her many champions including Marina and the Diamonds and CSS, both of whom YADi has supported. Behind her flies the YADi flag, its four colours representing each country that encompasses part of her background.

Track Listing

1.     Guillotine

2.     Sahara Heart

3.     Gold

4.     Paper Rose

Supar Novar ‘Forever’ Album (Prod. by Show N Prove) (Free download)

Supar Novar ‘Forever’ Album (Prod. by Show N Prove) (Free download)

Supar Novar ‘Forever’ Album (Prod. by Show N Prove) Download link:

Supar Novar Feat. Barry Knight ‘I Got You’ (Prod. by Show N Prove) Video:
YouTube Preview Image

Supar Novar Feat. Dappy (N-Dubz) ‘Prove My Love’ (Prod. by Show N Prove) Radio Rip
YouTube Preview Image

Award winning North London rapper Supar Novar teams up with long time collaborator Show N Prove for this 16-track album full of emotional reflection and strait up bangers. The two first collaborated on Novar’s 2006 debut ‘From The Beginning’ with the albums first single ‘Reppin’. This track hit the UK Hip-Hop scene with a bang and demonstrated a partnership that was destined to create greatness.

‘Forever’ presents the concept of an artist trying to leave a mark on the world through music that will never die. It is an emotional journey that features hard-hitting tracks such as ‘I Shot’ and ‘Boring Me’, as well as more soulful reflections such as ‘Prove My Love’ and ‘Life Is A Struggle’. The album also showcases tracks such as ‘On A Journey’ and ‘Time Is Now’ that demonstrate potential for crossover appeal.

The album features appearances from Dappy (N-Dubz), Neon Hitch, Logic, MCD, Stylah, Genesis Elijah, Terra Slim, Big Ben, Barry Knight, Ruthless, LP, Danny Bones & Dash Gambino. As an album it shows versatility and presents the next chapter of Supar Novar’s life in music, further extending the longevity he has already achieved, while demonstrating a natural progression.

Supar Novar has been a prominent force in UK Hip-Hop for over a decade and the high profile features, as well as underground veterans on this album demonstrate the respect he has earned from his work over the years. Show N Prove has also produced music for Rizzle Kicks, Benny Banks, Wretch 32 and Tinchy Stryder to name a few. Through hard work and raw talent he has become one of the UK’s most sought after producers.

Supar Novar ‘Forever’ (Produced by Show N Prove) Full Track-listing:
01. Intro
02. Forever
03. Fresh Ta Death
04. I Shot
05. On A Journey
06. Time Is Now Feat. LP
07. Better World
08. I Got You Feat. Barry Knight
09. Prove My Love Feat. Dappy (N Dubz)
10. Good Girls Feat. Neon Hitch
11. Life Is A Struggle
12. Outro
13. Boring Me ft. Big Ben
14. Better World (Remix) Feat. Logic & MCD
15. I Shot (Road Remix) Feat. Stylah, Dash Gambino & Ruthless
16. I Shot (Music Remix) Feat. Genesis Elijah, Danny Bones & Terra Slim

Connect with Supar Novar:

Connect with Show N Prove:



S.A.S drop a visual to ‘Suave Life’ produced by Trakdealaz from their critically acclaimed EP Narnia : The Grind The Trips And The Wardrobe
YouTube Preview Image

Follow S.A.S on Twitter @MegaSAS & @MayhemSAS

Evolve by Precha feat. Miss Coco Brown

Evolve by Precha feat. Miss Coco Brown

YouTube Preview Image
‪Northskull Bracelets (Classic Style) *Sterling Silver Edition‬

‪Northskull Bracelets (Classic Style) *Sterling Silver Edition‬

YouTube Preview Image

Click here to buy or for more info.

MCO ft SkiMan & Vandal – It’s Ok

MCO ft SkiMan & Vandal – It’s Ok

YouTube Preview Image
Raw Artilla  – Playtimes over video – Wearing Crooks & Castles, Money Clothing & Duffer.

Raw Artilla – Playtimes over video – Wearing Crooks & Castles, Money Clothing & Duffer.

Watch Rawz Artilla wearing Crooks in his latest video.

To see the Crooks & Castles range CLICK HERE

YouTube Preview Image

AMAS | New Caktuz Video “Sneaky Disposition” Is A 3 Minute Horror Film

AMAS | New Caktuz Video “Sneaky Disposition” Is A 3 Minute Horror Film

From the forthcoming Caktuz mixtape How 2 Dress Well 4 Suicide, comes this Mayhem Manny produced track; “Sneaky Disposition” featuring Harlem’s own Manifest (Hostile Takeover).

The video, directed by Deitrich Davis, plays out a ghastly scenario between 2 killers and the last minutes of their victims life.  Featuring Model/ Choreographer Ljuba Castot, this video contains material that may be unsuitable for minors. Parental discretion is advised

YouTube Preview Image






#pwrdby_AMAS  #Caktuz #SneakyDisposition

**NEW VIDEO** MysDiggi & DJ DSK ‘I Know You Got Sole (Heaven)’ &; MIXTAPE ‘Fresh Kicks Required’

**NEW VIDEO** MysDiggi & DJ DSK ‘I Know You Got Sole (Heaven)’ &; MIXTAPE ‘Fresh Kicks Required’

Hey Mutha Luvaz here’s the latest video i was involved in called ‘I Know You Got Sole(Heaven)’ paying homage to Eric B & Rakim’s classic track as well as those all important sneakers. I was asked to write this by along side DJ DSK to accompany a mixtape we were also asked to do called ‘Fresh Kicks Required’ which sees DSK doing what he does best on the turntables & myself on hosting duties.. links & more info below.. i hope all is well. MysDiggi
Video - I Know You Got Sole (Heaven)

- Standard Edit –

- Eye Poppin’ Edit – (sexy, uncensored version)

I was so impressed with the track, and the effort from Mystro and DJ DSK I decided to commission a music video.
I recruited Nick Light as Director, and we will filmed everything on a 12hr shoot in Newcastle.
Mystro is such a great performer in front of the camera, he adds lots of expression and hilarious moments of humour!
I cameo in video as does the soleheaven dog Woody…..Woody got a better scene than me, as he dances with Ellis Cooper in a bra & thong!

We wanted to pay homage to the original, whilst flipping the lyrics to celebrate sneakers & streetwear.
Mystro has kept it so tight, and at times you’ll think it’s Rakim….this will send all sneaker & hiphop heads crazy, they’ll love it!
This is a fully committed piece of music from everyone involved.
We’re launching a new mixtape series called ‘Fresh Kicks Required’
This is an evolution of Kicks N Mixtapes whereby we have introduced live vocals
We’re pairing up sneakerhead DJ’s with sneakerhead MC to add live vocal elements to the mix

The first mixtape is DJ DSK & Mystro, and it was that collab that created the bonus remix of ‘I Know You Got Sole (Heaven)
Together they have re-created the classic hip hop anthem by Eric B & Rakim from back in ’87
They have fully reworked it musically & lyrically to pay homage to the OG
The lyrics have been flipped to sound like the original, whilst talking about sneakers & streetwear. It’s amazing, it will blow your readerships minds!

As the track was so strong, we commission a video and the storyline is “Girl seduces men, so she can steal their sneakers”
The girl in the video is played by Ellis Cooper.

Mixtape -  ‘Fresh Kicks Required’ (front cover attached)

In our industry Fresh Kicks are always Required, so as a bonus we’re offering FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING with FEDEX between Feb 29th – March 4th
No discount code is required.
Images of Mystro & Ellis Cooper
Mystro & Woody
Ellis Cooper
Diligent Fingers – Nothing More (Official HD Music Video) Plus – Abnoxshuz >From U.K To U.S Vol.2, by M.A.B Album

Diligent Fingers – Nothing More (Official HD Music Video) Plus – Abnoxshuz >From U.K To U.S Vol.2, by M.A.B Album

YouTube Preview Image

Shot August 2011 by Black Rock Creative.

The official video for Diligent Fingers’ 2011 single, Nothing More.
Available to buy now with B side My Gawd feat Gadget, Ed XL and M.A.B. Buy here