It is getting near the end of summer holidays, so for most people, it’s time to start thinking about back to school. I know you must have most of your school essentials covered, such as school stationery, books, shoes, and new outfits.  But what about a new backpack to complete the whole back to school look. Surely a backpack for school is needed to stash all your important college gear.

The boring old school bag days are long gone, these days you can get stylish, edgy and fashionable bags for school. Choose from our variety of cool streetwear backpacks, rucksacks, and duffle bags online.

Shopping for school supplies can be very stressful, a new backpack may be the last thing in the back of your mind.  So to make your time less stressful when searching for the right bag to suit your back to school needs, we have compiled a short list of our best streetwear backpacks just for you. Featuring top streetwear brands such as Brixton, Rebel8, and LRG.


Here at, we have a range of streetwear backpacks for a perfect start to school in September.