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Leithauser has been established in the market for high quality menswear since 1934. Selected quality, premium fabric, and creativity made the company grow quickly and are still the keys to success for the company today. The family-owned company is now in its third generation and has gained the trust of more than 1.000 selected quality retailers and 300 vertical managed stores/shops in more than 40 countries all over the world. Benvenuto has two labels: “BLACK LABEL” (business style) and “PURPLE LABEL” (smart business style). The style and use of materials are influenced by the close relationship with Italy and its top-class weaving mills.Beside its collections, Benvenuto is famous for its broad range of premium suits as mix & match systems which are offered with NOS-service for all seasons. Different cuts and a wide variety of choices of qualities and designs offer the advantages of tailor-made suits. And the inventor of the mix & match systems, Benvenuto enjoys the best reputation as the innovative premium supplier in this market. In the past as well as today, Leithauser convinces its customers and dealers with their product competence, innovation, value for money, reliability, and service. A promise for the future!


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