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МИШКА—born in Brooklyn, raised in Hell—has been a streetwear fixture since 2003. Founded by Mikhail Bortnik and Greg Rivera, МИШКА began as a company that made cool t-shirts. It has since grown into a lifestyle brand that has created its own culture. МИШКА has crafted a distinct world for itself and its legion of Death Adders. The brand can trace its roots back to New York City’s “fertile crescent” of Hip-Hop, Street-art, and Punk. The “do it yourself” ethics of 1980s New York City is the heart that beats at the center of Mishka. Graphic images range from staggeringly unique and original kaleidoscopic fever dreams to tongue-in-cheek flips of established logos and images. Mishka also offers a Cut and Sew line that boasts slim fits and custom sizing. The cuts of garments range from traditional silhouettes to unexpected—and strangely sophisticated—pieces that push the limits of what is considered "normal." The fabrics used are engineered to provide maximum comfort and mobility for today’s active culture. МИШКА has grown into an internationally renowned brand with a presence in four continents. It's rebellious and individualistic nature has appealed to people of various cultures, and it continues to find homes in new and exciting regions. МИШКА now has stores in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Tokyo. Mishka also has 13 distributors worldwide: U.K., Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway/Finland/Denmark, Taiwan/Singapore, Korea, Japan, and China. МИШКА’s universe is open and inclusive. Mishka celebrates the strangeness of the world and bucks the exclusionary measures that have plagued anything labeled as "cool." Anybody who has a passion for the unusual, divergent and strange can find a connection to МИШКА and its culture. МИШКА is Engineered to Destroy everything boring and the mundane. Join the movement and reject normalcy. And as always, Death Adders... Keep Watch!



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