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Primitive Apparel streetwear is a product of California and based on the western coast of the US, the logo they use to head the brand is the Californian Grizzly Bear, it’s the same Grizzly Bear which appears on the Californian state flag. Primitive is the brainchild of Paul Rodriguez aka P-Rod, designer and pro skateboarding genius, he has a retail clothing store based in Los Angeles and is currently stocked in streetwear clothing shops spreading all across Europe and America, but you can also buy Primitive hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, primitive pom beanies and sweatshirts on Everythinghiphop.com. Primitive have been manufacturing skate products to enhance your skateboarding experience for some years now, and these products have been tried and tested by some of the world's top skaters who skate with the Primitive team. Shop Primitive Apparel clothing in the UK on Everythinghiphop.com. We have a selection of quality clothing from the Californian streetwear brand.



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