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Rivet De Cru Denim

Rivet De Cru Premium Denim

Ruben's true desire from a young teenager to be around the fabric we call denim was and continues to be his driving motivation to create daily what today carries Ruben's personal initials of Rivet De Cru. "When you slip on a pair of premium jeans for the first time, the emotions flow, the fabric speaks to your skin, the soul of the jean speaks to your body. the next time you slip on that same jean, he will look, fit and feel superb. the new creases or tears that are created each and every time you wear this jean are the characteristics that make it unique to you, giving you that special bond and transforming it with age into your favourite pair of jeans. The passion and artistry behind our premium washes are the ingredients that give each garment that very special something I call "The Blue Soul". The quality and durability is the standard by which we measure every single jean at Rivet De Cru.


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