5 Workwear Pieces for the Perfect Men’s Outfit

What is workwear and why is it a trend?

The definition of workwear is heavy-duty clothes used for manual or physical work and worn only in working environments like coal mines and industrial factories etc. Nowadays this is not the case workwear has become very fashionable, and is worn by everyone in everyday situations. Our high street stores, both high end and mainstream have at least one piece of workwear in nearly all of their collections this goes for the streetwear brands too. That’s the reason why workwear has become a trend.

These best type of clothes to create a workwear outfit:

Dickies Glenside Fleece Lined Jacket Brown Duck £109.99

The Trucker jacket formerly made by Levi’s and called the Type 3 is the embodiment of workwear, it’s best suited for outdoor work due to its robust nature, but can also be worn inside. The Trucker jacket earned its name from a group of enthusiastic Japanese denim collectors who loved the American style. They noticed the American truck drivers who would wear the denim jackets all day while on the road working.

Brixton Archie Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt Brick £69.99

A Lumberjack shirt, this item of clothing is also considered a classic workwear staple its a shirt made of flannel or similar material with a plaid pattern, traditionally worn by woodcutters or lumberjacks. Today this shirt is worn a few sizes bigger and incorporated into an outfit to enhance a streetwear look.

 Lrg True Tapered Fit Jeans Worn Vintage £84.99

 Embellish Calico Denim Jacket in Indigo £140.00

Denim jackets and jeans fall squarely into the category of workwear, these items of clothing were designed to deal with the harsh, and rugged environments of workshops, ranches, farms and so on. Fast forward to today, and denim is the most indispensable material in the workwear industry, in fact, it’s the most popular material used in streetwear too.

Fashionable workwear denim usually consists of dark colours just like traditional work clothes. The LRG true tapered jeans in worn vintage will fit with any workwear outfit the wash is deliberately aged to mimic real work jeans. They’re comfortable and pair well with most denim jackets, for instance, this Embellished Calico denim jacket in an indigo wash works well.

 Brixton Rival Beanie Hat Grey £24.99

The Beanie is a vital piece of workwear to have with you while you work outdoors. There is nothing worse than being outside in the cold without decent headwear. Add one of these hats to complete your workwear inspired outfit. The Brixton Rival wool beanie will make sure your head and ears are kept warm whether your working or not.