Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends – TRAVIS SCOTT


Celeb Style Streetwear Outfits - TRAVIS SCOTT
Celeb Style Streetwear Outfits – TRAVIS SCOTT

Travis Scott is now by far the most popular rapper of his generation thanks to his latest album release ASTROWORLD featuring hit single SICKO MODE which allegedly recorded over 64 million global streams on Spotify within the first 24 hours of it going live. Travis Scott’s influence on fashion is highly respected his unique streetwear style has captured the minds of many people including high-end designer brands which lead to a lucrative modelling contract with Yves Saint Laurent.

The most popular outfit Travis Scott wears is a combination of plaid shirts and t-shirts. Don’t worry if your budget is not as big as Travis Scott’s because we have put together an outfit to match his style with a much more affordable price tag.

 Kurt Cobain style:

Travis Scott is inspired by Kurt Cobain the lead singer of Nirvana so you may have seen this style of dress before from Kurt, but Travis has just put a new spin on things and infused his unique flavour.

Brixton Bowery Flannel Shirt : £64.99

The flannel shirt is a must-have item for anyone looking to pull off this look. Its origins are from Scotland, but through the years the flannel shirt has gained popularity with grunge, rock, and streetwear thanks to artists and celebrities such as Travis Scott and more. The Bowery flannel is a long-sleeve fitted shirt it’s thick with a soft cotton finish, perfect for those casual, relaxed days, unlike the classic work shirt. This shirt is an ideal and affordable option to create the Travis Scott look.

Diamond Supply Co Odyssey T-shirt: £32.50

To achieve that rebellious rock look, pair a printed graphic t-shirt with the flannel shirt, you should always use bold images such as eagles or skulls to drive the rock theme. The Odyssey t-shirt by Diamond Supply Co is perfect for this, the graphic displays a diamond in outer space, which adds another dimension to the outfit, and it’s a similar colour to the shirt.

Everything Bling Angel Piece Pendant: £69.99

Finally, to finish off the outfit, Travis Scott has added a gold chain with a pendant as an accessory. The pendant chain is a must-have for any aspiring rapper, and most hip-hop artists have their recording label logo as the pendant. In Hip Hop culture, the gold chain is more than just an accessory. It’s a way for artists to express themselves and represent their record labels or even flaunt their wealth. For this outfit, we are going to use something a little less expensive. So you can add some quality bling to your look, hip hop style, and still have money left over for drinks. The gold plated rope chain and CZ encrusted diamond angel pendant.

With all the advice we’ve given you, Im sure you’re ready to conquer the fashion world with your Travis Scott inspired outfits.

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