Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends – Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa :

Wiz Khalifa has proven his talent many times over with tracks like “Black & Yellow” the title that made him known to the general public, or “See you again” which was one of the most viewed videos on his Youtube channel. Wiz Khalifas’ tall and slender build fits well with his taste for fashion which is a mix of rock and streetwear. Here is an outfit we have put together very similar to Mr Khalifas for the budget conscious shopper.


Getting the style right to match Wiz Khalifa is really simple, here’s how you can achieve this with just a little effort.

  • White baseball cap to stand out against all the black

  • Black t-shirt with contrasting image or logo

  • Black skinny skinny jeans

  • Black bomber jacket of your choice

  • A pair of Vans or Jordans

Known for his love of casual and comfortable outfits, Wiz Khalifa is a master of the monochromatic look.

Top Gun Official MA 1 Wings Bomber: £225,00

The bomber jacket is a loose lightweight jacket ideal for mid-seasons. Despite the fitted styles which are on trend right now, the bomber jacket still remains a wardrobe classic. Top Gun bomber jackets are made in collaboration with the aeronautical school and match the quality of army issued styles. The Bomber jacket breaks all codes of modern dress sense with its baggy old school hip hop look which will compliment any streetwear outfit.

Diamond Supply Co Dealer T-shirt: £34,99 

To succeed in creating a stylish monochromatic outfit, you’ll need a few different shades of black. Start your look with a dark black t-shirt as this will make it easier to match back to your other shades of black, but make sure the graphic or logo has a splash of colour. This will help to brighten up the overall outfit.

Embellish Spencer Biker Denim Jeans: £100,00

In the 60s, rock singers and actors wore skinny jeans in music videos and their concerts. Since then skinny jeans have made a tremendous comeback, even Hip Hop artist who previously only wore baggy jeans can be seen often in skinny jeans. The Embellish jeans company produce stylish skinny fit biker jeans in comfortable and trendy styles. If you want to recreate the wiz Khalifa look skinny jeans are a must.

Crooks & Castles Champagne Crooks Snapback: £29,99

The baseball cap is a favourite accessory for most rappers. It adds a cool streetwear touch to the outfit. The Crooks and Castles Cocaine Crooks snapback in white sets off the Top Gun logo and helps to break up the blackness of this monochromatic outfit.