Celebrity Style and Fashion Trends – Future the Rapper


Future is on the top of his game again due to his latest album The Wizrd. It was released last January and debuted in the number one spot of the US Billboard 200 charts. Despite being a major influencer within the music world, Future is also relevant when it comes to fashion. His unique style has a direct impact on his fanbase. “After all, you can’t be an artist and not put any thought or effort into the way you dress.”

To pull off an outfit similar to Future, you’ll need a mixture of smart and casual items, with a sprinkling of iced out jewellery. To save you time and money, we’ve put together an affordable replication of the outfit he’s wearing so you too can look as fly as Future.

The Art of Layering:

Layering is a trend that allows you to stack different pieces of clothing on top of each other to achieve a stylish result or to keep you warm depending on the weather. Here you can see Future using the trend for style by layering a camouflage print sweat, with a red and black flannel shirt wrapped around his waist, and to finish off Future has added some iced out gold jewellery. This casual outfit inspired by Future is ideal for an evening weekend out with friends.

Brixton Stowell II sweatshirt: £59.99

The camo print has military origins dating back to the First World War but today camo is a recognised fashion trend, which streetwear and designer brands have fully embraced. You can see camo clothing paraded on the catwalks of Fashion Week. Military camo patterns look great in the form of sweats, as you can see Brixton have used it well on the Stowell II sweatshirt, add this to your outfit for that streetwear touch.

Brixton Archie flannel shirt red burgundy: £69.99

Tying a flannel shirt around your waist was done if you were hot and did not want to carry it. Since then it has evolved into being a real fashion accessory thanks to the influence of people like Pharell Williams, or Future. I think anyone who is into streetwear should own a flannel shirt because it has so much layering potential. The Archie flannel shirt from Brixton is a perfect shirt to start you off.

Embellish Julie Biker Denim Jeans: £140.00

Black jeans biker are ideal when trying to emphasise a smart and modernised streetwear outfit. The Julie biker jeans from Embellish display that in this outfit look. They are soft skinny jeans with distressed biker panelling on the thighs. If you want to achieve a smarter look opt for a pair of jeans like these with minimal distressing.

Miami Cuban chain : £44.99

Jesus pendant: £69.99

Finishing off any outfit is key to looking smart, finish strong every time with some exclusive jewellery. Big gold chains have always been an integral part of Hip Hop culture and give the wearer an air of superiority. To emulate Future’s style, you will need a gold Cuban link chain and a gold pendant necklace like the two we have included here. Then you will be well on your way to mastering the perfect Future outfit.