It’s Friday!!! The Weekend is about to start, why not get yourself a small gift for all that hard work you have put in?

Bet you’ve had a tiring week and now getting ready for this long-awaited weekend. This is possibly the best time for you to let your unique personality shine. Research has shown that clothing has a major impact on the way you act around people and the way you feel about yourself. So now is the right time to upgrade your wardrobe and start feeling like YOURSELF.

Our online store offers exactly what you need to welcome the weekends ahead of you in style and impress your friends, or maybe this one girl you’ve been thinking of. Either way, we have a wide variety of products in stock suitable for any occasion: going to the cinema/ bar/ skatepark- whatever you’re into!

Spend the weekend in the city with your friends

If this sounds like your plan for the weekend, you should consider wearing something that’s casual, yet smart enough to get you in most of the places around the City. The outfit below shows how you can attain a classic look with contrasting colours (black and white). This is a very simple, yet effective example of achieving style with ease.

Top Gun Nylon Bomber Jacket With Patches

Brixton Heist Beanie Hat

Embellish NYC Phanton Ripped Denim Jeans

The ultimate weekend chill out

Or perhaps you want to sit back and just relax at home, play Xbox/ watch football/ draw? Make sure you keep in mind the fact that winter is just around the corner so you better get yourself equipped with a big cosy hoodie and some comfortable sweatpants.

LRG Logo Pullover Hoodie

LRG Slouch Pants

It’s time to hit the club!

Sitting at the desk for many hours writing university essays or working away at the office can be pretty daunting. Therefore, at the end of the week you might as well do something more fun and release some energy that was hidden away all week. Here’s a great outfit that will guarantee that you get noticed.

18k Gold Plated Ruby Pendant With A Chain

Embellish Turkish Biker Denim Jeans

LRG Uncle Sammy SS Woven Shirt White