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Brrr…with these harsh winds and wet days, it can only mean one thing…


So get ready for the sneezing and the coughing along with complaints about the weather, and protect yourself today..with a jacket!

Jackets have quickly become a staple item in outerwear, we don’t just want to stay warm and dry, we want to look good whilst fighting through these frosty drizzly days. So the time has come for us to start thinking of those winter jackets again, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…

Below are some of best winter jackets guaranteed to keep you dry and warm without killin’ your look.

1) Brixton Ltd Ditmar Windbreaker Jacket, £59.99

Brixton Ltd Ditmar Windbreaker Jacket (Red) (Black) £59.99
Brixton Ltd Ditmar Windbreaker Jacket (red/black)  £59.99

 It’s all in the name! Windbreaker… ensuring you’re kept dry and warm whilst still being flexible enough to let you move freely.

2) Famous Stars & Straps Public Enemy Coaches Jacket, £84.90

Famous Stars & Straps Public Enemy Coaches Jacket (Black) £84.90
Famous Stars & Straps Public Enemy Coaches Jacket (Black) £84.90

 Be No.1 this winter with this black jacket from Famous Stars and Straps! The sleek minimalist design makes it a great choice for those days when you just want as simple jacket that will do the job!

3) Diamond Supply Co Un Polo Varsity Jacket Black, £129.99

Calling all students! Winter Jackets needn’t be all big and puffy, for those days when we’re blessed with a little sunshine there’s the Diamond Supply Varsity jacket, perfect for those chilly college mornings.

4) Top Gun B 15 Nylon Bomber Jacket with Removable Patches Olive, £129.99

The Bomber jacket has transcended years, style and trend, giving it timeless appeal and making it a great investment not only for this winter but for winters to come. Made especially for those days you want to keep your look simple, you can trust the Men’s Cobra Kind Bomber Jacket to be the stylish focal point of your look.

5) Brixton Ltd Cass Jacket, £99.99

Brixton Ltd Cass Jacket, (Dark grey) £99.99 (Copper) £94.99
Brixton Ltd Cass Jacket, (Dark grey) £99.99  (Copper) £94.99

This lightweight quilted cotton snap jacket, it’ll keep you warm without making you feel as if your in an oven, perfect choice for those days you’ve layered underneath and need something light to top it off.

This is only a small selection of the winter jackets we have so don’t worry if these aren’t exactly what you’re after; for the whole range of winter, jackets check out our website here. We’ll definitely have something for you!

Stay warm soldiers!


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