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The hardcore streetwear and urban apparel brand, Mafioso clothing, have once again delivered with their new collection. If you’re someone who isn’t looking for subtlety and discretion then Mafioso garments are the look for you. This street fashion clothing brand is daring, controversial and pushes a rebellious agenda through their clothing designs. Mafioso clothing draws inspiration from iconic tattoo art like on the Mafioso Body Art Tee, movies like the Godfather reference on the Mafioso Silencer T-Shirt, and the overall larger-than-life west coast attitude. At, we’ve got fresh style hoodies, sweatshirts and graphic tees from Mafioso to keep your urban hip hop look on point this season. Check out some of the new drops below:

Mafioso Silencer T-Shirt White, £24.99

Mafioso Silencer T-Shirt
Mafioso Powder Sweatshirt Black, £44.99

Mafioso Powder Sweatshirt

Mafioso Baptism T-Shirt White, £24.99

Mafioso Baptism T-Shirt

Mafioso Barrels Hoodie Black, £49.99


Mafioso Good Day T-Shirt White, £24.99

Mafioso Good Day T-shirt

Mafioso Body Art T-Shirt White, £24.99

Mafioso Body Art T-Shirt

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