Sprayground Backpacks – Featuring the Sharks in Paris Collection

Sprayground Backpacks – Featuring the Sharks In Paris Collection

Apart from clothes and accessories, Sprayground specialises in bags, backpacks to be precise. Sprayground has a formidable collection of high-end streetwear bags ranging through, luggage bags, utility bags, slings, duffle bags and crossbody bags.

But the collection which has got everyone talking is the Sharks in Paris collection which is most probably the most recognised collection of bags and backpacks for men and women to hit the streetwear market to date.

Sprayground Sharks In Paris Collection

Sharks in Paris Brown                              Sharks in Paris Brown                             Sharks in Paris Brown

Leading the collection is the Sleek Sharks in Paris backpack which comes in black and brown. Closely followed by the Sharks in Paris duffle bag and then the Sharks in Paris crossbody bag.

The crossbody bag is great for adding character to an outfit, and the functionality is even better, the crossbody bag is big enough to hold all your accessories such as a phone, keys, wallet, headphones and more. All the Sharks in Paris bags are waterproof and made with quality fabrics.

Why choose Sprayground. Well if you love to express your style, and you like to be different, then Sprayground is the brand for you because that’s what they believe in.

Sharks In Paris Crossbody Bag

The Shark in Paris Crossbody Bag is made from a durable PU leather which is water-resistant and very robust. All the Sharks in Paris bags feature nylon zippers with either gold or silver metal hardware. The fastening strap on the crossbody bag is very generous and will accommodate all sizes and styles of usage (around the waist or across the body).

The size dimensions of the crossbody bag are 40 centimetres wide and 18 centimetres high which makes for a decent size to hold lots of accessories. When you look inside the crossbody bag, you’ll find a tag stating “Limited Edition and Never Produce Again”. So if you want one don’t hesitate, because they won’t be here for long. Shop Sprayground bags today and keep your laptops, notebooks, tablets, phones and other gadgets safe. Sprayground bags are designed with your hardware in mind.

Shop the Sharks In Paris Sprayground Collection here! 

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