Streetwear Denim Trends

Billions of pairs of denim jeans are sold globally every year. This makes jeans one of the most important components of your outfit, whether it be streetwear or any other style you are aiming for -you can never go wrong with the classic denim look.

However, choosing the right pair isn’t always an easy task. In this article, we aim to make your life just a little bit simpler and provide you with an overview of some of the trendiest styles of denim on the streetwear market in 2020.

Distressed Denim

The idea of pre-distressing clothing (ripping, slashing threads) has been around for many years and although it might seem like a very absurd idea, many famous people have been spotted wearing distressed denim (eg. Michelle Obama), moving fashion in a new controversial direction. This trend has been very strong for the last couple of years and is likely to remain in the same position for a while.

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Baggy Jeans

You have probably been hiding in a cave if you haven’t realised the 90’s and 80’s style is coming back onto the streets in a form of a new fashion wave. Whether you’re a hip-hop fan, punk or a hipster- you know there’s always people out there that swear “Old-School will never die!” One of the recent fashion trends revolves around wearing baggy pants with a pair of fresh sneakers like Nike AF1’s/ Adidas.

Pelle Pelle

Imperial Junkie

Rivet De Cru Denim

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans is one of the trends that just refuses to die. Emerging in the early 2000’s, skinny jeans have been around for longer than Youtube, Iphones and Facebook which many of us can’t image living without . Having said that, the skinny jeans look has become an absolute classic that is likely to stay around for many years to come.

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